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Reviews For Before Sunrise
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Reviewer: Santhion Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 11/08/03 - 10:22 am Title: Part 14

Hi, Zenobia. Like the story, the character development, etcetera. I hope that Willow gets a bit more backbone as the story develops. But then: it is your party. I love W/A/S-stories. Your Spike is delicious. But do me a favour: when Willow finally ends up in the arms of our favourit vampiric duo... please... don't... let her be... drunk, turned, shackled, feeling like a shanky ho, ashamed, dying, afraid, whiped, ripped apart, bleeding all over the place, enslaved, pleading, crying or something else she can't get or feel control over. She is not the bloody Virgin Mary here. Maybe the world will end... but I want the three of them in a heavenly afterglow floating towards the last thrills of sunset. Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic with a strange belief in girl(woman)power. But it is your party.

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