Resources are divided into two sections, Willow Resources and General Resources. Submit essay to!

Willow Resources

Facets of Willow Rosenberg
Essays on various aspects of Willow's personality

Navigating Your 'Ship Through the Stereotypes by Medea
A wonderful essay on the pitfalls of stereotypes in Willow fanfic. Highly recommended for all 'shippers.

Quotes compiled by Kaz
Willowisms from Seasons 1-7.

Restless: Leaving Childhood Behind by Shadowkat
An analysis of Willow's dream in the episode 'Restless'.

Shipping Willow
Essays on various Willow relationships.

Who Is Willow? by Kaz
Biographical information on Willow Rosenberg. Includes appearance, friends, relationships, and personality quirks.

A Wicca (Willow) in a Different World: The Anita Blake Version by alltherealice and claudia6913
Advice for and pitfalls of writing Willow/Anita Blake crossovers.

Willow's Problem: It's Not About the Power by Bbovenguy
An essay on Willow's real S5-S6 problem is.

Willow Speak by Kaz
Some tips on writing accurate Willow dialogue.

Willow Through the Seasons by Kaz
A quick synopsis of Willow, season by season. (Spoiler warning through Season 7)

Witchcraft/Wicca Basics by Kaz
Since Willow is the subject of this archive, it makes sense to have the basics of Wicca and Witchcraft explained! Also a discussion of real life Wicca versus Willow's Wicca.

Writing Willow in the Alternate Universes by Amberina
How to write AU Willowfic.

General Writing Info and Help

Action Scenes: How to write them by Kaz
An essay explaining how to write action scenes effectively.

Attention to Details: The Address Book by Kaz
An address book for various BtVS/AtS characters and places. Also contains directions around Sunnydale..

BDSM: Points to think about by Kaz
An essay about writing believable and accurate kink.

Because It's Wrong by Padre
An essay on the evils of flaming, why people do it and what an author can do about it.

Beta Reader's Bible by Tania
How to be and use a beta reader effectively.

Deciphering Character Abbreviations
Many characters have the same abbreviation for their names, so you don't know whether you're going to read a Willow/Faith or a Wesley/Fred. Here I came up with different abbreviations for all the characters.

Exposition by Angel Negra
Tips on using exposition in fanfic writing.

Fanfic Terms
For those new to fanfic, the terms most often used are defined.

An explanation of how to give feedback, respond to feedback, and why it is important!

Fluff: Making it Believable in Jossverse by Kaz
A few suggestions for writing believable fluff.

Here I have outlined the basic grammar and punctuation rules for fic writing.

How to Write Pairings That Have Never Met by Angel Jade
Guide to writing romantic pairings for characters who haven't met onscreen.

No Pairing: Character Analysis Fanfic by Angel Jade
How to write fanfic with no romantic pairing.

Points of Departure by Saladin
An essay on points of departure in fic writing (bet you could've figured that out for yourself)

Portals and the People Who Hate Them by Kaz
An essay on the use of portals in Buffy and Angel and their effect on BtVS and AtS characters.

The different ratings of the US, UK, Australia and Germany explained and compared.

The Ripple Effect of Changing Cannon by Shannon
On the dangers of changing cannon too much.

So You've Written a Fic...Now What?
The steps a writer performs after they've finished writing.

The Sum of the Story by Angel Negra
Story summaries, and how to write them.

Unconventional Pairings by Katriena Knights
An essay on unconventional relationships.

Writing Pre-Show by Kaz
An essay on writing fanfic set pre-Buffy Season 1 and pre-Angel Season 1.