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W/Jesse by Red Bruja by satanslut
Summary: Imagine Jesse knew of Willow's crush on Xander, but had one on her himself, and to mask it he pretended infatuation with Cordelia. When he was turned into a vampire, those reservations disappeared. So what if he went after his love and turned her into a vampire too, and the events afterward changed time and he avoids being staked by Xander? What would be different if Buffy, Xander, and Giles had a new enemy of Willow and Jesse? How would that change the Buffyverse? That is the challenge. ((Instead, maybe he convinced Darla to turn Willow because he was a newly turned vampire himself? Perhaps he used the argument/convincement that it would hurt the anti-vampire front.))
Categories: Willow/Other
Characters: None
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