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A few Willow/Oz challenges by dingoesatemybaby102 by satanslut
Summary: here are a few separate challenges here... here it is: Challenge #1: all i want is willow's POV and thoughts for the whole episode of the episode 'amends'. Also i, myself am a devout willow/oz shipper, so if i read any of the slightest hint of willow/xander shippage i won't be happy Or... if you can't do that: Challenge #2: also in 'amends': (Iím obsessed with that episode) what would of happened if oz had taken up willow's offer to "do that thing", also the aftermath of it (ie. xander finding out, or just plain fluffiness ect.). Again please make sure thereís no W/X paring. Try and make it realistic to the characters please (Iíve read lots of fics that a way too unbelievable) It can be angsty, fluffy, smutty...whatever, just make sure it ends with a *happy* *willow/oz* ending. challenge #3: willow and oz over the summer between season 2 and 3: what they did, the development of there relationship, try and keep it totally fluffy or at least a happy *ending* challenge #4: willow and oz over the summer of season 3 and 4: again what they did, conflict, (maybe xander finds out that they "did that thing"?) can be smutty, fluffy dosen't really matter. again W/O ending blah, blah, blah... My apologies if this sound completely boring or really stupid! Itís about 4:00 am and Iím on a sugar high and completely board, not a good combination. But... ...please respond to this challenge anyway! If you do i will be *realllllly* grateful, i am in serious need of a willow/oz fic Thanks!
Categories: Willow/Oz
Characters: None
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