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Funny Scenario Naughty Nurse Sexy Cheerleader by InMyDreamsWillow by satanslut
Summary: OK here is the challenge, one or two scenario 1) Willow and Faith find out what its like to live on the dark side. Buffy Thinks Some "bonding" could be fun. She notices Willow and Faith tension and placed them on a day out, to get along. Must include... A) Light/ Heavy bondage B) One bondage tool (i.e., Crop, saddle, Whip...) C) And Faith's GF (Buffy) Walks in on them. ( join if wanted) Idea number two... 2) Willow is Kidnapped and Drugged but and evil Faith, but faith is surprised when Willow wakes up and feels slightly arosed. Must Include... A) The Phrase "Five By Five" and "What in the frilly heck." B) One Major drug must be used (i.e. Cocaine, E, weed...)
Categories: Willow/Faith
Characters: None
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