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Willow/Doyle Challenge by pantheraleo by KallieRose
Summary: I just finished reading Laurell K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry books, and I'm dying for a Willow/Doyle fic. However, my muses are not cooperating. Perhaps if someone answers my challenge I'll be inspired. It can be any length, though the longer the better. Even a quick fic would be great, though. Please email me if you answer this challenge. Requirements/Suggestions: 1. Andais has lifted her geas either just for Willow, or for everyone-- it's up to the author. 2. Dark magick Willow, as opposed to Willow from Season 7 finale. 3. Character death is all right, just please don't kill Willow or Doyle. 4. I would prefer a darkfic over angst.
Characters: None
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