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Willow's secret life. by Todaygirl by KallieRose
Summary: BtVS/Highlander Paring: Willow/Methos, Willow/Duncan or Willow/Richie. Seasion 2 or 3 for Buffy. Must have: Willow is an immortal but the scooby gang don't know. She is married to another immortal and she is in Sunnydale to hide from an enemy. (Because of the hellmouth it's holy ground.) Her husband and friends show up in Sunnydale. Richie is not dead. None of the Scoobys knows about immortals. Spike, Angel(us) or both has to be in the story. Would be nice if one of them wanted Willow for himself. Willow already has magical powers but she dosen't use them that often. Choose 3 of these: Xander fainting. Giles arguing who is the real watcher with Joe. Spike draning an immortal who then wakes up and hit him over the head before camly walking away. Amanda steling something. Willow owning an motorcykel. Buffy being mad at Willow. Harmony or someone making fun of Willow and her husband shows up to defend her. Ice cream. A book in a long dead language that only Methos and Willow can read. A quickening.
Characters: None
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