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Various WWE Challenges by Grasshopper by KallieRose
Summary: I've read quite a few stories where Willow was 'Taker's niece and even one where Faith was his daughter, but I had another thought. What if Willow found out that 'Taker was her real father? How would she deal with that? How would Mark? Hell, for that matter, how would Sara? Must be Willow/HHH, Willow/Jeff, or Willow/Raven. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Willow leaves Sunnydale in the aftermath of "Grave" to visit her uncle Mark (as in 'Taker). After that, figure out where you want the story to go. Must be Willow/X-Pac, Willow/Test, or Willow/HHH. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What if the Hardy Boyz had moved to Sunnydale when they were teenagers? Would they have gone on to become wrestlers? Would they have survived life on the Hellmouth? Must be Jeff/Willow or Matt/Willow. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Must Be/Have: - set sometime post "Grave" - Faith/X-Pac or Faith/Test, Xander/Molly Holly, and - please, don't freak out here, 'cause I'd really like to read this pairing at least once (although more would be great), no matter how strange it sounds - Willow/Raven - Xander saving Molly from Harvard - Faith bitch-slapping either Jericho, Lesnar, or Bradshaw - Willow putting Stacy or Victoria through a table Optional: - Xander or Faith (or both) find out that 'Taker is their father [NOTE: if both, then pretend that "The Zeppo" never happened, 'k.] - Raven attacking Buffy with a ladder - Buffy beating up Brock Lesnar - Dawn saving the Hurricane from a vampire -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Must Be/Have: - Willow/Shannon Moore, Willow/Test, Willow/Bradshaw, or Willow/Rey Mysterio...or if you're really weird (and I like weird) Willow/Billy (Gunn, not Kidman) or Willow/Chuck - Molly Holly/Xander or Molly Holly/Triple H - Stephanie/Matt or Stephanie/Randy Orton - Willow being related to Molly Holly or to Triple H - Jeff and Willow in an argument over which is better, regular skittles or mint skittles. - "Don't unplug it, it'll just take a moment to fix." - "Give me ambiguity or give me something else." Optional: - Willow beating Bradshaw, Jericho, Matt, Spike Dudley, and Shane Helms at strip poker. - "You wish, jellyfish." - "I'd tell you, but then Willow would have to kill you." - Molly and Willow stealing Bradshaw's beer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the BtVS episode "Help" Willow mentioned posting fanfic...that led me to my current thoughts. What if Willow still wrote fanfiction? More specifically, what if she wrote WWE fic? How could that eventually come into play if she joined the WWE? Must Be/Have: - Willow/Shannon Moore, Willow/Billy Kidman, or Willow/Shane Helms - Lita/Hunter, Lita/Raven, or Lita/Billy Kidman (but not if you've paired him with Willow...unless you make it a threesome fic) - Willow kicking Harvard's ass in a match of wits (...and maybe even physically) - the line "All's fair in love and hardcore matches." (don't remember where I heard that, but I love it *g*) - an argument that includes the fact that Willow liked/wrote slash (maybe even something involving whoever she's paired with) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, this challenge calls for a threesome pairing, so if that's not your thing ya might as well leave. Aiight now, this calls for a wrestling crossover with "Buffy" that pairs Willow with one of the following couples (readjust time/storylines as needed): - Billy Gunn/Jesse James (NAO 4-EVER BAY-BE!) - Kevin Nash/Scott Hall - Hunter/Shawn Michaels (*drool*) - Sean Waltman/Justin Credible - Shannon/Shane Helms - Jeff Hardy/Raven (...day-um...) - Matt Hardy/Test - Edge/Christian - Tommy/Rob
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