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WWE/Religion Challenge by Grasshopper by KallieRose
Summary: Okay, we all know that Shawn is a born again Christian; we also know that Willow is a witch. How might that hinder a relationship between the two of them? Preferrably a Kliq-centric story. Must Have: - Willow/Shawn Michaels (obviously) - NO Trish/Jeff - a happy ending Include At Least 3 Other Pairings: - Hunter Hearst Helmsley/Molly Holly or Hunter Hearst Helmsley/Lita - Kevin Nash/Scott Hall - Sean Waltman/Matt Hardy or Sean Waltmaan/Jeff Hardy - Xander Harris/Stephanie McMahon or Xannder Harris/Dawn-Marie - Trish Stratus/Bubba Ray Dudley - Shannon Moore/Shane Helms - Torrie Wilson/Rey Mysterio - Chris Jericho/Chris Benoit - Spike Dudley/Faith - Sean O'Haire/Brian Kendrick
Characters: None
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