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Various WWE Pairings/Scenarios by Grasshopper by KallieRose
Summary: Willow/Matt Cappotelli [TE3 winner] Willow/Chuck Palumbo, Billy Gunn/Jesse James (optional) - after the commitment ceremony fiasco, Willow is forced to be Billy and Chuck's manager - Billy may or may not end up injured; if so, Willow continues to manage Chuck Willow/Kevin Nash/Scott Hall Willow/Shawn Michaels/Sean Waltman Willow/Billy Gunn/Jesse James Willow/Tommy Dreamer Willow/Bubba Ray Dudley Willow/Chris Benoit Willow/Chris Jericho/Chris Benoit Willow/Triple H/Stephanie McMahon Willow/Triple H/Molly Holly Willow/Triple H/Lita Willow/Raven/Molly Holly Willow/Raven/Lita Willow/Stevie Richards Willow/Justin Credible Willow/Mark Jindrak Willow/Dave Batista Willow/Dave Batista/Triple H Willow/Test Willow/Kane Willow/Shane Helms/Shannon Moore Willow/Shane McMahon Willow/Billy Kidman Willow/Edge/Christian Willow/Jeff Hardy/Shawn Michaels Willow/Jeff Hardy/Sean Waltman Willow/Matt Hardy/Triple H Willow/Matt Hardy/Shannon Moore Willow/Jeff Hardy/Shannon Moore Willow/Lance Storm/Ivory Willow/Molly Holly Willow/Molly Holly/Xander Willow/Shane McMahon/Jeff Hardy Willow/Edge/Torrie Wilson Willow/Bubba Ray Dudley/Trish Stratus Willow/Triple H/Sean Waltman Willow/Nathan Jones - Willow is 'Taker's niece or daughter (up to you) - comes in and teams up with Nathan and 'Taker against the F.B.I. for what they've been doing Willow/Triple H or Willow/Shawn Michaels - set post-RAW 04/14/03 - Willow is Kevin's niece or cousin (your choice) Willow/Chuck Palumbo - No brand extension, Stephanie is the GM of both shows - Stephanie attempts to keep her Superstars in line, so she assigns them managers - Willow is manager for the F.B.I., Dawnn-Marie for Lance Storm & Sean Morley, Lita for Evolution, Molly Holly for Jeff Hardy, Ivory for Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore, Jacqueline for Team Angle, Torrie Wilson for Brock Lesnar, and Trish Stratus for The Hurricane. Willow/Maven Willow/Lance Storm Willow/Chavo Guerrero Willow/Rey Mysterio Willow/Dave Batista Willow/Spike Dudley Willow/Kevin Nash Willow/Charlie Haas Willow/Brian Kendrick Willow/X-Pac (c'mon, people...won't someone write this?) Willow/Sean O'Haire Willow/Shannon Moore
Characters: None
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