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Various Crossover Pairing Ideas by Grasshopper by KallieRose
Summary: Various pairings that could be interesting. [] indicates the show that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" crosses over with. Willow/Kurama or Hiei (or both) [Yu Yu Hakusho] Willow/Vachon or Miklos [Forever Knight] Willow/Harper [Andromeda] - Harper plays around with one of his machines and sends Willow to his time Willow/Merton or Tommy (or both) [Big Wolf on Campus] Willow/Zeke [Brimstone] Willow/Cash [Kindred: the Embraced] - set after "Cabin in the Woods" (K:tE) Willow/Kai [Lexx; most notably the episode "Brigadoom"] - definite AU (Willow as one of the Brunnen-G) - how might things have gone if Willow had been Kai's lover Willow/Nick (W/N/Amanda is optional) [Highlander: the Raven] - set after "Dead on Arrival" (H:tR) Willow/Sam (Sean Angus Malloy) [MacGyver] Willow/Tom (W/T/Sloan is optional) [Prey] Willow/Rafe or Willow/Jim/Blair [The Sentinel] - set after "Grave" (BtVS) Willow/Carlos/Trent [Sons of Thunder] Willow/Mosquiton [Master of Mosquiton] Willow/Honoo/Yuki [Master of Mosquiton] Willow/D [Vampire Hunter D] Willow/Arnaud [The Invisible Man] Willow/Gabriel, Pez/Ian [Witchblade] Willow/Cupid/Strife [Xena & Hercules] Willow/Eomer [Lord of the Rings] Willow/Boromir [Lord of the Rings] Willow/Dracula/Mary [Dracula 2000] Willow/Protozoa, Zenon/Orion [Zenon the Zequel] Willow/Orion, Zenon/Protozoa [Zenon the Zequel] Willow/Miroku [Inuyasha] Willow/Sesshoumaru (Fluffy!) [Inuyasha] Willow/Inuyasha [Inuyasha] Willow/Frank/Alex [UC: Undercover] Willow/Frank/Jake [UC: Undercover] Willow/Jake/Alex [UC: Undercover] Willow/Vin/Ezra [The Magnificent Seven] Willow/Buck/JD [The Magnificent Seven] Willow/Chris [The Magnificent Seven] Willow/Mackie/Nene [Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040] Willow/Leon/Priss [Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040] Willow/Nigel/Sylia [Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040] Willow/Nyan [Stargate SG-1] Willow/Martouf [Stargate SG-1] Willow/Grogan [Stargate SG-1] Willow/Kawalsky [Stargate SG-1] Willow/Paul Davis [Stargate SG-1] Willow/Graham Simmons [Stargate SG-1] Willow/Klorel [Stargate SG-1] Willow/Skaara [Stargate SG-1] Willow/Sergei, Mac/Harm [JAG] Willow/Tyler, Luke/Sophia [Wolf Lake] Willow/Presley, Luke/Sophia [Wolf Lake]
Characters: None
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