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Burning for you by Pixie by KallieRose
Summary: A Btvs/Ab challenge. i've just read cerulean sins again and you know i've been thinking(how shocking i know) anyway i though about what Jason said about wantingo fall in love; wanting to burn and well willow seems to be the right person for him so on with the challenge: must take place after CS and after season 7 Willow discovers she has an aunt and it's Ms Zeeman so she goes to visit the family and meets with Richard ( i want her to help him deal with his issues) she meets Anita and co; help fight the bad guys and she'll fall for Jason has to have: -a big figh where our favorite witch gives lip to Anita -nathaniel absolutly loving willow( big frienship thing) -same for asher ( they both lost their lover...) -Jamil wearing a red dress after losing a bet when drunk (yeah yeah i'm weird) -Shang Da changed in a puppy( what i'd bet he'd be cute) -Drusilla showing up after a vision about "mommy dearest"and Willow -Edward ( i just love this guy!) and some of the folowwing phrases: *Willow to Nathaniel:" hello kitten.. hum i mean i love cats... no that was rude not that i don't like kitties ... anyway that's not what i meant!maybe i shoud start again : Hi i'm Willow and i'm really embarassed now and babbling cuz hello hot guy and i didn't just say that someone shut me up anytime now!please?" *" isn't it ironic The big bad wolf dressed as little red riding hood...now jamil repeat after me: "My ,my grandma don't you have big teeth" *"that's it now you're both going home Richard is going to kill me" "bad shang da, us is not drunk just tpsy right Jamil" "yeah !" "but... "no buts! you know what: since your mean to us i'l change you in a thing muamamua!" *" you don't have sex!" " no, Richard it's all about the birds and the bees!" *"oh honestly what crawled up your ass and died; you're a wolf so what, uh? do you think you're the only one having troubles once a month!" *"great just what i needed another buffy whose got more issues with men" *" yes well i almost destroyed the world once so tell me Edward darling do you really think you're scaring me? and don't think i couldn't have okay i just chose not to but i still can and it's not you that can scre the wicked witch away" *"and i though my love life was complicated!" *" you need a gift so who do you want me to kill little tree?" "that's sweet dru but i'll think about it another time or maybe chocolate or flowers will do" *"uh the stars sang such a pretty song about the tree that cries and the mean executionner but the all mother is screaming in my head and the sky bleeds and miss Edith is crying blood of fear and sadness.... so can i have tea now?" *"i like her she's the only human daddy didn't want to kill forever she would have been my sister i don't want to kill her silly dog" *" why did this minion have to be so ugly, once upon a time we had bad guys like angelus and spike: sexy, with leather pants and silk and mind games easy to follow!!! Damm i miss high school" -"you like leather uh?" *"we'll win because we are the good guys and because between Anita and I they have really bad good guys um girls" *"you have too many men, a chance you're not bisexual or it'd be two times worse!" So anyone interested? please i'd really love to see someone interested in a challenge i write for once hugs Pixie
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