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Auntie where are we by Todaygirl by satanslut
Summary: BtVS/AtS/AB (AU for BtVS and Angel) Pairing: Willow/? Connor/? Because of an accident Willow and Connor end up in the Anita Blake universe. There Connor gets mistaken for a vampire and Willow for his human servant. Jean-Claude is of course not happy about having another vampire in his city. Things get even more complicated when they find out that Connor can call wolfs and Willow can call Anita’s cats. This is not the only problem for once Angel finds out that his son and Willow who is Connors godmother are missing he sends out a rescue party causing more trouble in the AB world. Must have: Connor calling Willow auntie. Spike, Faith and Andrew in the rescue party (can have others also). Spike claiming Willow is his. Nathaniel and Jason have big crushes on Willow. Willow trying to help Asher. Connor must have vampire like qualities like sped and strength. Willow being a powerful white witch. Anita trying to shout someone with her gun. Can have: Faith making a pass at Richard. Andrew annoying Jean-Claude and Asher. Spike and Faith beating Jamil and Shang Da in a contest. Connor strangling Andrew with Faith and Jason sharing on. Nathaniel asking Willow if he can be her kitten. Hope some one wants to write this, I would have done so myself but I already have too many stories going.
Categories: Willow/Crossover
Characters: None
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