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AB's in Sunnyhell by Todaygirl by satanslut
Summary: What would happen if some people from Anita Blake ended up in Sunnydale? Parings can be: Willow/Richard, Willow/Nathaniel, Willow/Jason or Willow/Stephen/Gregory Can allso have Xander/Cherry, Xander/Anya or Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Angel. Raited From PG to NC-17. Main story: For some reasion or other people from AB end up in Sunnyhell. There they meet Willow who tries to help them out. It turns out that a bad vampire from the AB world has been causing trouble for the scooby's and the visitors help out. Choose the ending yourself's.
Categories: Willow/Crossover
Characters: None
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