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Slavery Challenge by babycharly2002 by satanslut
Summary: One of the characters of BtVS is captured, sold as a slave and bought byÖ Who is his/her new owner and what is he/she going to do? To free him/her, to cuddle and hold him/her as a pet, or to treat him/her cruelly? Later, slave and master end up in bed together. But will it happen after a sweet and irresistible seduction or through the assertion of the ownerís mere right on what belongs to him/her? And does the slave willingly submit or does he/she fight (in vain) to protect his/her dignity? The story can be setted in an alternate universe in which slavery is normal or in our world. In case you choose the second, you should make this slave traffic credible in our democratic age (it could be vampires secretly dealing in humans or vice versa, unleash your creativity!) *Warning*: Iím the webmistress of Bloody Twilight (www.bloodytwilight.3000.it), the first Italian site of adult fanfictions translated form English. The stories Iíll riceive will be translated and put on-line on the site (obviously with your name, your e-mail and the address of your site, if you have any), and the best story will win a special award. If you donít agree, donít loose your time taking up this challenge. For further informations: babycharly2002@yahoo.it Requirements: - It must be NC-17; consensual, semi-consensual or non-con sex are equally welcome; - The pairing must deal only with characters of BtVS, so neither original character nor characters appeared only in AtS (the ones passed from BtVS to AtS are okay, the ones exclusive of AtS are not); - Any kind of pairing is accept: hetero, slash, femslash and threesome; - The main pairing must be slave/master (or mistress), while any secondary pairing can deal with whoever you want. Bonus for the inclusion of: - A slave auction (it can be described while itís taking place, it can be recalled by one of the characters or through any other expedient your fantasy suggests you); - An unconventional pairing (a couple that has never been together in the show) or a conventional pairing in the most original situation you can find; - Hurt/comfort: the slave is hurt (emotionally or physically or both) and the master (or the mistress) comforts him/her; - A happy ending.
Categories: Fanfiction
Characters: None
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