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Untitled #1 by Tequesta by satanslut
Summary: A thought just came to me…… I wanted to give out a couple of Christmas Awards and the only thing I could come up with was to ask people to response to one of my three challenges. If you are interest email me your *complete* story by December 1, 2003. Your stories will be voted on between December 2-20 and they will be announced on the December 23. There will be a couple of different awards given. If anyone is interest E-Mail me . Challenge #1 Paring: Angel/Willow (and/or) Spike/? {If you want his torturing to be sexual related. It can be the Scooby gang} Rating: R to NC-17 Story takes place after Thanksgiving. Spike promise to help an evil sprite find a light Spike finds out the light was born in Sunnydale. The light is use to open the hellmouth The light open up the destroy the hellmouth if it is the right place on Christmas morning {The places are up to you} How Spike finds out the Willow is the light is up to you {Doing a spell is just a suggestion} Everyone finds out they call Angel in LA to take Willow away to protect her until Christmas Eve {Up to you again} When Spike finds out Willow is gone and he really didn’t want to kill her anyway this sprit takes of Spikes body Must have: Spike/Demon torturing the gang one by one in efforts to get answers {How is up to you….I prefer sexually} One of the gang tells Spike/Demon where they went Spike/Demon and Angel fight have a fight Bonus Spike singing his own version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.
Categories: Willow/Angel
Characters: None
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