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Challenges-Cordy by linaluv by satanslut
Summary: I was thinking the other day ( I know, thank you, thank you) about Willow. What if Willow has visions too?. Req: Sunnyhell ( Which is where Willow is when she has her first vision, this is a MUST) Spike (Sexy piece of man, Angel's Childe and Giles' lover) Giles (Spike's Lover, has a thing for Willow...) Cordelia ( Willow's lover, eventually) Willow (naw Duh) (Cordy's lover eventually) Gunn (Another sexy piece of meat and Wesley's lover) Wesley (Gunn's lover, book-man, rogue demon hunter and sexy piece of meat) Angel (Champion and diaper changer for Buffy, hehe) ** I love Buffy, I meant the above as humor ** The rest is up to you
Categories: Willow/Cordelia
Characters: None
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