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Do Overs by Kaz by satanslut
Summary: Okay, this concept has definitely been done before, but it completely intrigues me so here goes ... Post S7 Willow time travels back to a previous season (pick any one you like!) to change one thing, if she wants to. What does she change? Why does she change it? How will it effect the future? Who gave her the option of changing one thing? Why? Does she tell anyone? Does she bring anyone with her? Keep in mind that she knows that she'll need to be just as powerful as she was in S7 to help defeat the First (and Glory S5), so anything she wouldn't change anything that could affect that outcome -- at least not knowingly. I would like this to have a happy ending, where Post S7 Willow returns to her own time to find a few changes if she indeed decides to change things. Any pairing, any rating.
Categories: Fanfiction
Characters: None
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