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My Challenge by Vamp459 by satanslut
Summary: Please bear with me as I have never posted a challenge before. Ok, Must haves: 1) I want this to be a secret admirer thing, whichever male (males) you choose leaving gifts, etc. for Willow. 2) Must have a total of 7, and please not just "On Monday WIllow got a fish and on Tuesday she got a bunny." PLEASE give it content. 3) At the end of the secret admirer part when Willow finds out who is, Ithey have to end up sleeping together. I don't care where and the more original, the better. Ok, that's it for must haves, but I would love it if the cause of this was the male overhearing Willow telling one of her friends that she'd love a romantic guy in her life. I guess that's it, but please let me know if anyone responds to this, I would love to see what comes of it.
Categories: Willow/Angel
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Spike, Threesomes, Willow
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