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Willow/Angel Dark!fic Challenge by satanslut
Summary: OK,this will be kind of vague,but please bear with me as this is the VERY FIRST time I have ever issued a challenge. After Angel returns from Hell,he becomes obsessed with Willow and kidnaps her.Angel CANNOT turn into Angelus,this has to be Angel behaving in this twisted fashion.I'd like it to be a darkfic,happy ending or not,it's up to the writer.I definitely want there to be sex,it can be consensual or non-consensual.Please make it hard R or NC-17.Oh,and if anyone takes this challenge,please let me know. I hope everyone will forgive me for any deficiencies in my challenge.I'm but a novice. I've posted this in a couple of places.I'd just like to see if anyone thinks that this a challenge worth taking up.
Categories: Willow/Angel
Characters: None
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