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Alyson Hannigan Sites
Alyson Hannigan Corner - Great site with screen caps, pics, and interviews.
Purely Aly - For fanfic starring any of Aly's characters.
We Possess Willow Power - The oldest Aly fansite -- which Aly herself joined!
Willow Wonderland - Aly fansite with lots of info!

Award Sites
Shades of Grey Awards - Awards for fanfic of all kinds.
SunnyD Awards - for fanfic of all kinds.
Vixen Fiction Awards - Awards for all kinds of Willow fic.
The Willowy Goodness Awards - Awards for any and all Willow-centric fanfic, hosted by NHA!
The White Knight Awards - formerly the Linoleum Awards, for Xander-centric fanfic.

Buffy Information Sites
All Things Philosophical on BtVS - An interesting site where the technical aspects of BtVS are discussed.
And You Thought You Were Obsessed With BtVS - Awesome resource site with very unique sections.
Angel Fanfiction Resources - A resource site for writing A:tS fanfic.
Buffy Body Count - A site that lists all the people or demons killed onscreen..
The Buffy Cross and Stake - An info site with spoilers, cast info, and episode guide.
Buffy Dialogue Database - Quotes, plot arcs, nicknames and much more!
BuffyGuide.Com - The complete Buffy episode guide.
Buffyology - A site with links to essays on various Buffy topics.
Buffy Skins by Ian - Tons of Buffy and Angel Sim skins, lots, and extra goodies.
BuffyWorld.Com - Fabulous transcript, screencap and info site!
Drew's Script-O-Rama - Transcript site for tons of shows.
Going Through the Motions - A site dedicated to the Season 6 Musical episode.
Spoiler Slayer - This site rates the probability of various rumors/spoilers.
Vague It Up - Various essays/commentary on Buffy and Angel.

Crossover Information Sites
The Anita Blake Compendium - An alphabetic listing of all the references found in Laurell K. Hamilton's world of Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter.
CSI Information - site with episode guides and other info on CSI, both original and Miami.
Forever Knight The Unofficial Web Page - An episode guide and information site for the show Forever Knight
Gateworld - A Stargate:SG1 guide. Includes episode info, character info and more!
The Harry Potter Lexicon - Incredibly complete information about the world of Harry Potter
Harry Potter Facts - Great site with chapter-by-chapter summaries, as well as columns about HP info
The Page of Eternal Life - Awesome Anita Blake page- includes pics of the actors who fit character descriptions, a timeline and more.
The Unofficial Highlander WWW, FTP and HLFIC-L Archive Site - Episode guide and info for The Highlander.
West Wing Resources - An episode guide and info site on the show The West Wing
Wrestling Information - Very complete info on the history of the WWE.
WWF Information - Exactly what it says. Info on wrestler's birthdays, finishers, etc.

Fanfic Sites

Reference Sites
10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained - The author explains what's true and what's false about copyright.
The Alternate History Travel Guides - A great site about alternate histories and how to write them! - Need a name for an original character? You can find 21,000 different names here!
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - Looking for a quote? You'll find it here.
Behind the Name - Site that has the meaning of different names.
Best of British - A British-American Dictionary.
Brubaker Swords and Armony - a site that has pics of all types of weapons.
California Penal Code - A site that lists the California penal code.
Dialect Translations - More of a joke than serious, but it does have cockney and 'hacker'!
Free Translations - A site with ... you guessed it-- free translations into other languages!
Gallery of Demons - Demons from all over the world.
Haunted Places - a list of the haunted places by state and country.
Haunted Places in the UK - a list of haunted places in the UK.
Jewish Encyclopedia - An encyclopedia of all things Jewish.
Latin Dictionary - Need something translated to or from Latin? This is the link you need.
Map Point - You guessed it, this site has maps!
Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers - Writing a steamy sex scene? Need some help? Go here!
Myths and Legends - Another myths and legends page. - A site with lots of sharp, shiny, pointy swords.
Translations - This site is able to translate into some less popular languages.
Vampire Legends - Various legends about demons that have vampiric qualities.
Wizard's Gay Slang Dictionary - Title really explains it all.
YourDictionary.Com - Site with word definitions but also extensive links on many subjects.

Search Engines/Cliques/Discussion Boards
Fanfic Web - A site with sites for many different fandoms.
Slashpage Data Base Project - Lists lots of slash sites in different fandoms.
Slayer's Online - A site where sites are listed! Lots of different things to look into here!

Willow Interest Links An E-zine put out at every sabbath (8 times a year).
Celtic Connection - Wicca site with lots of basic information!
Hackers - A series of newspaper articles about hackers.
Witchvox -Wicca/Witchcraft site. Contains lots of links, regional info and different viewpoints on the craft.

Willow Lists
Near Her Always Fanfic & Update List - NHA's very own list for any and all Willow-centric fanfic!
Adult Willow Spike- A list for all adult Willow fic.
Blunt Babble - A Willow/Anya list.
BtVS Kink - An adult list for those who like the kinkier side of life.
Buffy Femslashers - a femslash list.
Buffy Loves Willow- An any-age W/B list.
Buffy Wants Willow- An adults-only W/B list.
Cordy 'n' Willow- A W/C list.
Cute and Brainy - A Willow/Wesley list.
Kennedy and Willow Slashfic - A Willow/Kennedy fic list.
Magical Vengeance - A Willow/Anya list.
UCSL- A list for any unconventional relationship.
WG Uncensored - a Willow/Giles list.
willangel- A Willow/Angel fanfic list.
will-dru-slash- a Willow/Drusilla list.
Willfic- a general Willow fanfic list
WillowCrossings- A Willow Crossover list.
WillowFemSlash- a Willow/female list.
WillowFred - a Willow/Fred list.
Willow Giles- a W/Giles fanfic list.
Willow Graham- a W/Graham fanfic list.
Willow-Kennedy - a Willow/Kennedy fanfic and discussion list.
Willow Lesbian Witch - a Willow femslash list.
Willow's Ripper - A Willow/Ripper 'shipper list.
WillowSpikeFanfiction - A Willow/Spike fanfic list.
willtara - A Willow/Tara 'shipper list.
Willow Vampires - A Willow/Vampires 'shipper list.
Willow-Xander- a W/X shipper list for fanfic, discussion, etc.
wxfic - A Willow/Xander 'shipper list.
WS Shades of Grey - accepts any pairing, though it started out as a W/Spike list!
Yahoo Groups BtVS Fanfic Listing - There are lots to choose from!

Writing Links
BTVS Writers' Guild - Some great resources here, including links and beta readers!
Challenge-in-a-Can - A site that will give you a character, setting, etc. to challenge you to write.
The Page of Generators - ideas/names for various types of things (magical items, Big Bads, etc.)

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