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Cold by Jinni [Reviews - 0]
W/Nick. A cold exterior to hide a warmth that few see?
Characters: None - Genres: Crossover - Rating: PG-13 - Warnings: Spoilers for BtVS S6 - Chapters: 1
Published: 17/07/03 - Updated: 17/07/03 - Completed: Yes

Cold Comfort by KallieRose starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 4]
Willow, Spike and Angelus are trapped in a cabin. Oh what will they do to pass the time? Strip poker, perhaps?
Characters: Threesomes, Angel, Spike, Willow - Genres: Comedy, PWP - Rating: NC-17 - Warnings: Multiple Partners - Chapters: 1
Published: 04/07/03 - Updated: 04/07/03 - Completed: Yes

Cold Comfort by Gabrielle starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 1]
Spike is there for Willow after she returns from England.
Characters: Spike, Willow - Genres: Angst - Rating: PG - Warnings: None - Chapters: 1
Published: 12/09/05 - Updated: 12/09/05 - Completed: Yes

Cold Heat, Soft Steel series by Gabrielle starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 6]
Willow and Spike share a night of passion. But it doesn't mean the same thing to both of them. Willow POV. *Written for the Winter of Spillow LJ Community*
Characters: Spike, Willow - Genres: Drama, Angst - Rating: R - Warnings: None - Chapters: 6
Published: 14/01/05 - Updated: 05/05/06 - Completed: Yes

Coloring Outside the Lines by Sylver starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 3]
Willow wants to try something a little daring. Fluff all the way baby!
Characters: Spike, Willow - Genres: PWP - Rating: NC-17 - Warnings: None - Chapters: 1
Published: 30/06/03 - Updated: 30/06/03 - Completed: Yes

Come Morning by Emmy [Reviews - 0]
...The morning after their first time... Short fic
Rated PG-13
Characters: None - Genres: Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Warnings: Spoilers for BtVS S7 - Chapters: 1
Published: 29/07/03 - Updated: 29/07/03 - Completed: Yes

Come Play With Me by punch_kicker15 [Reviews - 0]
Two telepathic redheads share ice cream and discuss power, choices, and destiny. Crossover with Babylon 5. Written for the whichwillow ficathon.
Characters: Willow - Genres: Crossover - Rating: PG-13 - Warnings: Spoilers for BtVS S7 - Chapters: 1
Published: 15/02/13 - Updated: 15/02/13 - Completed: Yes

Come Pouring Down Unified by Gabrielle starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 5]
*Set post NFA* In the aftermath of the final battle, Willow, Angel, Spike, and Buffy are faced with the challenge of what to do when the war is over. (Note: Also contains Spike/Buffy)
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Dawn, Faith, Giles, Gunn, Lorne, Other, Oz, Spike, Willow, Xander - Genres: Drama, Friendship, Romance - Rating: NC-17 - Warnings: Language, Spoilers for AtS S5, Spoilers for BtVS S7 - Chapters: 25
Published: 18/06/10 - Updated: 04/10/10 - Completed: Yes

Come Undone by claudia6913 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 7]
The Hellmouth is closed, LA is no longer in danger. What is a Witch and a vampire with a soul to do? *Two Years Post Not Fade Away*
Characters: Spike, Willow - Genres: Romance, Drama, Angst, Friendship - Rating: PG-13 - Warnings: None - Chapters: 13
Published: 09/03/05 - Updated: 20/03/05 - Completed: Yes

Comfort by Vienna Xaavier [Reviews - 0]
Taking advantage of the vulnerable, day after day, night after night...
Rated PG
Characters: None - Genres: Romance, Angst - Rating: PG - Warnings: Femslash - Chapters: 1
Published: 05/07/03 - Updated: 05/07/03 - Completed: Yes

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