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Warnings: Violence
Other Results: 3 Series
Series Series
Best Served Cold by Cynthia Taz [Reviews - 0]
Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Darla, Other, Willow - Genres: Angst - Rating: G - Warnings: Character Death, Spoilers for BtVS S1, Violence - Chapters: 1
Published: 30/10/06 - Updated: 30/10/06 - Completed: Yes

Beyond Innocence by Spikes Red Queen starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 2]
What if Xander and Jenny hadnít been there in the hall when Angelus grabbed Willow? - Willow takes her time getting back to the high school after catching Xander and Cordelia kissing. While everyone else is in the library making plans to deal with the Judge, Willow finds herself in a sticky situation. - Season 2, Episode: Innocence.
Characters: Angelus, Buffy, Cordelia, Drusilla, Giles, Jenny, Spike, Threesomes, Willow, Xander - Genres: Angst, PWP - Rating: NC-17 - Warnings: Language, Multiple Partners, Spoilers for BtVS S2, Violence - Chapters: 1
Published: 04/09/09 - Updated: 04/09/09 - Completed: No

Blood and Fire by anotherlostsoul starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 1]
Drusilla returns to Sunnydale, intent on making Spike the vampire he once was, with a little help from an unexpected source.
Characters: Spike, Willow, Threesomes - Genres: Alternate Universe, Drama, Angst - Rating: NC-17 - Warnings: Spoilers for BtVS S5, Violence, Rape/NC, Character Death, BDSM, Non-consensual - Chapters: 3
Published: 01/08/05 - Updated: 13/08/05 - Completed: Yes

Blood is Thicker than Water, and Twice as Seductive by Morrisburger [Reviews - 0]
Angelus and his lover tear through Europe (literally, figuratively, the works).
Characters: Angelus, Willow - Genres: Alternate Universe, Futurefic - Rating: NC-17 - Warnings: Violence - Chapters: 1
Published: 27/01/08 - Updated: 27/01/08 - Completed: No

Blood Red Regret by claudia6913 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 3]
Sequel to Blood Red Roses. What happens when humans attack Spike and Willow and Spike is unable to stop it?
Characters: Spike, Willow - Genres: Drama, Angst - Rating: NC-17 - Warnings: Violence, Rape/NC, Non-consensual - Chapters: 1
Published: 29/08/04 - Updated: 29/08/04 - Completed: Yes

Blood Sugar Sex Magic by Lar [Reviews - 0]
Sometimes you think that in all your years you might have learned more than just how to inflict pain.
Characters: None - Genres: Drama, Challenge - Rating: NC-17 - Warnings: Spoilers for BtVS S6, Spoilers for BtVS S7, Violence, Language, Femslash - Chapters: 1
Published: 04/07/03 - Updated: 04/07/03 - Completed: No

Bonded by sinecure starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 2]
While fighting a demon Willow and Spike become bound together.
Characters: Spike, Willow - Genres: Romance, Drama, Angst - Rating: R - Warnings: Spoilers for BtVS S5, Violence - Chapters: 13
Published: 02/07/03 - Updated: 02/07/03 - Completed: No

Born to Be Bad by Stephycats starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 1]
Willow thinks it time for a change, and meets the right vamp for the job
Characters: None - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fluff, Friendship, Romance, Seriesfic - Rating: NC-17 - Warnings: Character Death, Hurt/Comfort, Spoilers for BtVS S2, Violence - Chapters: 1
Published: 02/01/04 - Updated: 02/01/04 - Completed: No

Branches of the Willow *** Winner of 3 Sunny D awards including Best Author & runner up for Best Au and Best Unconv. pairing ** by April McKaig starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 15]
Vamp Willow is seeking recruits. This time she is the Captor instead of the captive in Dopplegangland.
Willow/Vamp Willow
Characters: Vamp Willow, Willow - Genres: Seriesfic - Rating: NC-17 - Warnings: Violence, Femslash - Chapters: 11
Published: 06/10/03 - Updated: 20/10/04 - Completed: Yes

Broken By Your Empathy by Grasshopper [Reviews - 1]
Fate hands Willow one more chance. (BtVS/WWE - Willow/Raven/Jeff Hardy
Rated PG-13
Characters: None - Genres: Romance, Drama, Crossover - Rating: PG-13 - Warnings: Spoilers for BtVS S6, Violence, Multiple Partners - Chapters: 1
Published: 07/07/03 - Updated: 07/07/03 - Completed: No

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