Deciphering Abbreviations
W/F -- that means Willow/Faith, right? Or Willow/Fred. Or Willow/Forrest. Or, it could be Wesley/Faith, Wesley/Fred, or Wesley/Forrest.

How many times have I sat down to read a really great Willow/Giles fic only to discover it's actually Wesley/Gunn? So, in light of my many disappointing discoveries, I've made up a list of characters, with abbreviations, that will hopefully, makethe pairings easier to understand.

Please remember, that when dealing with crossovers, readers who don't read a particular fandom won't understand abbreviations, so it is always good to write out the full names of all characters!

A- Angel
Aus- Angelus
And- Andrew
Ay- Anya
Am- Amy
B- Buffy
Cl- Clem
Con- Connor
C- Cordelia
Dar- Darla
Dw- Dawn
De- Devon
Do- Doyle
Dru- Drusilla
E- Ethan
Ev- Eve
F- Faith
Fo- Forrest
Fr- Fred
Ga- Gavin
Gi- Giles
Gr- Graham
Groo- Groosalug
Gw- GWen
Gu- Gunn
H- the Host/Lorne
Je- Jenny
Jon- Jonathan
Joy- Joyce
Kdr- Kendra
K- Kennedy
Lil- Lilah
Lin- Lindsey
Lo- Lorne/the Host
O- Oz
Ot- Other (non-BtVS/AtS character)
P- Penn
R- Riley
Ro- Rona
Rob- Robin Wood
S- Spike
T- Tara
Ve- Veruca
Vi- Vi
Vir- Virginia
Wa- Warren
We- Wesley
W- Willow
X- Xander