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We are the home of 513 authors from among our 1407 members. There have been 4036 reviews written about our 2249 stories consisting of 6914 chapters and 24387208 words. A special welcome to our newest member, ginnypotter93.

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A Tragic Loss in Fandom
I am devastated to have to tell you all that one of our most cherished and beloved authors, Emmy/Emeraldswan, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Saturday, May 3rd. This is a stunning loss for all of us who knew her as either a friend, an author, an artist, or some combination of those three identities. R.I.P., Emmy. You will always and forever be loved.

--Gabrielle on 04/05/14 - 04:23 pm -1 Comments
Registration has been closed to new members, however you are free to update your stories and add new stories.

The e-fiction script has been updated, so you may run into a few bugs with the skin/layout of your choice. We are aware that the categories module in the sidebar is not displaying correctly and are working on it.

If you have any problems, please contact Tonya at lilbreck@gmail.com to let her know.

--Lilbreck on 28/07/13 - 08:21 pm 0 Comments
Due to the large number of spam accounts being crated lately we're being forced into updating the site. This means the site is closed to all uploads for the time being and will probably experience some downtime while we work everything out. We'll hopefully be back soon with some new rules in place to help control the spam.

Sorry for any inconvenience..

--Shannon on 10/03/13 - 12:06 pm 0 Comments
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Home is Good by Emily North PG-13
After a bad day at work, Willow needs a little TLC.


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